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Based in City Hall, the Office of Performance & Innovation is an internal consultancy that helps residents and city departments make operational, structural and policy changes. All changes are co-designed with residents and staff, to improve efficiencies and outcomes in service delivery. From idea development to implementation, and evaluation to performance management, we also ensure that a racial equity is embedded in EVERY step of our processes, and not simply one step in our process.


Put bluntly, Innovation means SOLVING PROBLEMS and that is our ultimate goal. Innovation is not our goal. Solving specific problems for specific people, and figuring out how to decide which problems we are going to solve is what we have been tasked to do.


As a team we think that Scott Berkun sums it up best in these words “Innovation is a significant positive change. It’s a result. It’s an outcome. It’s something you work towards achieving on a project. If you are successful at solving important problems, peers you respect will call your work innovative and you an innovator. Let them choose the word."


This is what we strive to be.

We are working with residents to co-design new ways to address public safety issues.



The vision for Strategic Planning and Analysis at the City of Minneapolis is to improve City services by identifying where the City wants to go, how to get there, and if the City's goals have been achieved through data-driven analysis. This work is accomplished through strategic planning, reporting on progress, and data analysis.

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